From New York to Italy
    October 22nd - 3rd November 2018
Frank Denota was born in 1966 in New York where he lives and works. 
After his studies he devoted himself constantly and totally to art. He attended a few art and painting classes, there after was commissioned decorative job orders, but soon abandoned the job, everyone and everything and locking himself up in his Newburgh Atelier. Here he creates art work that reflect his temper, his feeling and his studies about the “American Abstractionism”, the “Action Painting” and the “Spatialismo”.
The Boston Jewish Film Festival celebrates the richness of the Jewish experience through film and media. Throughout the year, the Festival engages and inspires the community to explore the full spectrum of Jewish life, values and culture.
Caruso Gallery, established in 1969 by Nino Caruso, has organizing many important exhibitions since then, both in Italy and Europe. Today the Gallery is managed by 2 of the founder’s sons, Dott.ssa Carmen Caruso and Enrico Caruso who have expanded the boundaries of their activity beyond Europe ending up in the United States…
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